zzguzh here’s a thing i did for class, it still needs work but„ idk here you go„„ sorry I’m so behind on literally everything ever;,’;,;’,’;,

I don’t know a lot about jay, but whenever i see a bird on my dash i’m like “it jay”, and it is

Some draws

Some oil sketches

what happened to the iron bell?

It died. Midterms and some other stuff got in the way, I guess?? I’m not really in a position to give an official call on why, but it was p sudden. Also like months ago, how do u even remember, anon friend????.?

what the

more filler art queued up !! slight ~**~*~remasterization~*~*~ of a thing I drew in highschool

more filler art queued up !! slight ~**~*~remasterization~*~*~ of a thing I drew in highschool


i made silly comics of my RISD friends (w/ changed names) and i’m sorry the photoset does funny things to them. view them one by one.

ft. junjou-lime stripedgypsum uberyam eeenoneu noctilucentclouds arugulabagels arkrevner

also new URL


this comic got long for some reason I’m sorry

Important Reference for Sprite Commissions!!!!

Are you going to be doing any streams any time soon? I really enjoy watching them but if you're too busy then that's fine!

I might do one sometime this weekend! I just got through kind of a little rough patch of homework and me being a sad doofus, so I have some things to catch up on (including reply to a lot of messages, wow!! @>@)„sooo„ i can’t make any promises as to exactly when I can stream’;,’, but!! it will happen.. soon

Your art is really important and amazing tbh

oh!! thank you, anon! golly, i don’t know about important!! but! i’m glad you like it!!,;”„;” !!;’,’!!!

in one of those moods lately

in one of those moods lately